How to reuse our punnets


Seemingly the word that’s on everyone’s lips thanks to the legend that is David Attenborough.

Thankfully the fight against #singleuseplastic is gaining strength every day but we can all still do our bit to help save the planet. Here’s a snippet of how we’re helping…

Whilst we’re passionate about the wide range of products which we grow at our UK nurseries, we also take a lot of care into the sustainability of our packaging.

Our standard punnets are made from RPET material which has a 100% recycled content – the MOST environmentally friendly and most widely recycled material type in the UK. They are also 100% food safe and can be recycled after usage*.

So you’ve used your delicious Westlands products and you’re left with an empty punnet – now what?

For the Gardener

If you have green fingers like us and love spending time in the garden, you’re going to like this one.

Make the most of the sunshine – get out in the garden and give your plants some love! Due to the holes in our punnets, they’re perfect planters!

For the parent

Kids off school and struggling to entertain? Get savvy and impress with your crafty skills. From a toy car to an aeroplane, there are lots of ways to turn your punnet into something your children will enjoy!. The only limit is your (and your kids’) imagination.

For the organiser

 Are messy drawers the bane of your life? Wish you could keep things in their rightful place? Enter the plastic punnet, the answer to all of your organisation woes. Whether you’re after fridge storage, or simply want a place to store your keys and actually know where they are for once – Westlands has a sustainable solution to suit all.

For the foodie

Fruit picking season is upon us. Instead of using a farms fresh plastic container, wash out one of ours and take that with you. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries – there’s not a berry it can’t carry.

For the crafter

Dedicate your punnet for paint mixing for a no-fuss fix. When you’re finished, leave it to soak and worry about cleaning it later on (or leave it until the next day). It doubles up as an all-round art materials holder, a win-win situation.

Unlock your plastic’s potential – We all need to play a part in making sure we are making sustainable choices and there are endless opportunities when it comes to re-using the plastics we dispose of every day. We hope we’ve inspired you to go sprinkle some re-purposing magic on your ‘unwanted’ polymers.

Make sure to tag us on social with your creations! #SustainableWestlandsUK

*Check with your local council

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