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As a family run business for over 80 years, in the Vale of Evesham we not only pride ourselves on our relationships with leading chefs, but also, our high quality portfolio of products and our many achievements. We’re particularly proud of our accreditations and work hard to maintain and exceed these high expectations. So, you know that when you use our products, you have only the best.

It’s these types of recognition that help us to stand out from the crowd. From growing our products in our UK nurseries, to harvesting, packing and despatching. We’ve summarised a few of these accreditations below so you can get a better understanding of our achievements.

Red Tractor – Traceable, safe & farmed with care

Red Tractor is a leading farm and food assurance scheme that provides safe and traceable food, grown in the UK.

This allows us to confidently assure that our British grown products, from Edible Flowers to Micro Herbs are 100% traceable and have been produced safely and responsibly. It’s also confirmation that we farm, process and pack in the UK.

Leaf Marque – Linking Environment & Farming

By buying LEAF Marque products, you are enjoying food from farmers like us who care for the countryside and wildlife – all whilst doing your bit for the environment too!

This demonstrates how our produce is grown sustainably, with an increased attention to the environment, all while engaging and forming relationships with local communities.

Our Integrated Farm Management (IFM) strategy includes rainwater capture, recycling of irrigation water, increased energy efficiency, use of biological controls, composting waste, packaging recycling (you can read more on this on our plastic blog) and tree planting.

BRCGS – Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards

BRCGS guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria. These regulations ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

Whether you’ve ordered our Sea Herbs or Speciality Tomatoes, this applies to our whole portfolio. It ensures the establishment of good manufacturing practices for quality, packaging and despatch processes.

If you’re a fresh produce supplier or distributor and would like to stock any of our products, then we would love to hear from you! Drop us an email on: or give us a call on 01386 41436.

Let us know if you would like to find out about our other achievements!

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