How to Keep your Micro Leaves Fresher for Longer

How to Keep your Micro Leaves Fresher for Longer

Over the years, we have refined our Micro Leaf planting and picking processes, ensuring each stage is optimised for effective growth and safe delivery. But once our little leaves arrive in your kitchen, what can you do to keep them fresher for longer? In this blog post, we’ll highlight our recommendations.

micro leaves

1. Keep your Micro Leaves refrigerated at all times

All harvested Micro Leaves will last longer if they are stored correctly. Keep them inside a resealable bag or container and store them in a refrigerator. Keeping your Micro Leaves cool will prevent premature breakdown of the plant and making them unusable! Not only will this breakdown affect the taste, but it could also carry harmful bacteria.

2. Store your Micro Leaves in a robust container

The last thing you want is your Micro Leaves getting crushed in the fridge! Make sure to store your leaves in a resealable container, rather than in a bag. Here at Westlands UK, we always deliver our Micro Leaves in robust packaging, so they’re ready to be stored straight away.

3. Keep an eye on temperatures

Harvested Micro Leaves like to be kept at a consistent temperature, so we advise to keep them stored away from the fridge air vents. Also, note that Micro Leaves aren’t suitable for freezing as it can ruin their texture, colour and nutrient content!

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4. Remove excess moisture

Gently remove excess moisture from your Micro Leaves before storing them; moisture can encourage wilting and breakdown. Placing a paper towel over the leaves will soak up any excess water – but avoid patting them down as this can bruise the leaves!

Here at Westlands UK, we grow a fantastic range of delicious Micro Leaves. From the mild, earthy beet notes of Red Amaranth to the peppery taste of Micro Rocket, there’s a huge variety of flavours to choose from. With free postage when you spend over £30, and next-day delivery when ordered before 11am Monday-Thursday, you can shop Micro Leaves online here.

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