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Sea Kale: The Growing Process

Sea Kale: The Growing Process

sea kale

Sea Kale is a wonderfully diverse ingredient, adding a subtle salty taste to a variety of different dishes. Did you know that all parts of the Sea Kale plant are edible, from the shoots to the leaves? The shoots, in particular, are very nutritious and can be eaten cooked or raw.

Ready for the spring, our Sea Kale will be available in early March and this year’s crop has been particularly strong. Using our unique mix of fertilisers and innovative growing processes, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Taste of the Sea range and thought we’d share a little insight into what our Sea Kale goes through before landing on your plate.

1. Grow the mother plants

First of all, we grow the mother plants for eight months of the year, which puts energy into the tubers. Tubers are structures attached to the plant, used as storage for nutrients which, in turn, provide energy for growth.

sea kale

2. Transfer into growing tubs

The Kale is then dug up, cut, graded into sizes and transferred into large growing tubs. We ensure each plant gets everything they need to grow successfully – we love to nurture our produce to ensure quality!

3. Keep out of the light

After a good soaking of water, the Sea Kale then starts its new growing life in a dark room. Growing the plant in the dark blanches the stems, which results in a more refined flavour and paler colour. It’s all part of growing the most delicious produce!

4. Watch out for shoots

The Kale will stay in the darkroom for the next three to four months, shooting out young, fresh and tender shoots. Then, once they’re ready, they are packaged and delivered fresh to your kitchen.

Our Sea Kale will be available to buy in early March. To stay up-to-date with the latest, give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

sea kale