Behind the scenes

5 Reasons to Choose our Sea Herbs!

Sea Herbs are very versatile and can be used in a range of different dishes. Whether served up with a seafood dish or within a soup or salad, Sea Herbs offer unique tastes and textures and really add something new and interesting to a dish.

Naturally found in close proximity to the sea, these herbs thrive off the high salinity of the water. So, here at Westlands UK, we have refined our growing processes over a number of years, and now have the perfect balance between salinity and nutrients for optimum growth.

In this post, we highlight just a few of the reasons why you should choose Westlands Sea Herbs, including our sustainable growing, product quality and consistency.

We use sustainable, 21st-century growing techniques

Here at Westlands UK, we harvest rainwater from the roofs of our glasshouses and temporarily store it in our open reservoir. It then goes through a thorough filtering and cleaning process using UV or ozone. After that, it is then stored in one of our many water tanks before being used to irrigate our produce. We only use mains water as a ‘top up’ when we need it.

We take fortnightly water samples from every tank to understand the nutrient profile at all stages of the system and weekly samples for micro biological loading.

sea herbs

All our Sea Herbs are British grown

Growing all of our produce right here in Britain means we rely on 0 imports, and therefore 0 air miles. Our Sea Herbs are fully traceable and grown for the highest quality.

Our glasshouses provide a controlled environment

Growing within a protected environment means we can provide consistent quality without being affected by the weather. Plus, due to this extended season we can provide a higher yield, so you can keep serving up delicious dishes without fear of running out.

sea herbs

We have a consistent supply of sea herbs

Quality control is one of our main priorities. It’s not just about growing lots of produce, it’s about providing amazing quality. We regularly ‘taste test’ our plants to ensure optimum flavour and texture, adjusting the feed accordingly. Keeping a close eye on our produce like this means we can ensure our produce is the best it can be not just as it grows, but when it arrives in your kitchen!

We have a fantastic range

Whether you are after a succulent, salty, crunchy or sweet herb, we’ve got it. Our Taste of the Sea range includes delights such as Samphire, Sea Kale, Sea Buck’s Horn, Monk’s Beard, Sea Rosemary, Sea Purslane, Sea Aster, Ice Lettuce, Oyster Leaf, Sea Fingers and more! So, try something new and serve up some delicious, unique dishes.