Behind the scenes

How do we Grow and Harvest our Micro Leaves?

Our Micro Leaves are grown for optimum freshness, taste and aesthetic appeal. Since our beginning 80 years ago, we have been refining our process and continually innovating to achieve the very best results. As Micro Leaf growers, we’re also very conscious of sustainable growing and have introduced eco-friendly methods to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. You can read more about this on our sustainability page.

Grown in Glasshouses

micro leaf growers

As Micro Leaf growers, we grow our leaves inside our glasshouses here in the Vale of Evesham. This environment provides consistency for the leaves, away from the turbulent British weather. This allows us to have greater control over their growing process and ensures optimum results in size, flavour and colour!

Using recycled fabric offcuts rather than soil, and a hydroponic growing process means that nutrients are fed directly to the roots. The water is collected from the roofs of our glasshouses, thoroughly cleaned using ozone and UV, before being used to irrigate the plants. Read more about our water systems here!

When our Micro Leaves sprout their first leaves, they’re ready to be picked…

Harvesting our Micro Leaves

We harvest our Micro Leaves using a super top-secret piece of machinery (we like to hold on to an air of mystery…!). Using state-of-the-art technology such as our harvester means we can guarantee accuracy and consistency in height and appearance from plant to plant.

The Micro Leaf Journey

Once harvested, the leaves make their way to our fridges, where they are kept at 3 degrees centigrade. We use an automated shuttle system to transport the leaves, which only takes 15 minutes; this short time between picking and packing the produce extends shelf life and ensures optimum freshness when they arrive in your kitchen!

As our Micro Leaves can be grown all year round, we then go ahead and start planting the next batch of seeds, and the process starts again!

micro leaf growers