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Wasabi Rhizomes Now Available at Westlands UK

After being planted around 18 months ago, we now have Wasabi Rhizomes available here at Westlands UK! But be quick – with a limited stock it’s first come, first served!

Growing Wasabi is not an easy process. It mainly grows in mountain stream beds in Japan. So, as it needs plenty of shading and lots of water, we adapted an area in our glasshouse here in the UK to give it just that, along with all the nutrients they needed to grow into strong, flavoursome Rhizomes.

Shop our Wasabi here – we have Rhizomes weighing in from 50g to 120g.

wasabi rhizome

Wasabi Rhizomes have a Unique Taste

A staple ingredient that really packs a punch, Wasabi is known for its pairing with sushi, adding a strong heat and igniting the sinuses for few seconds, before dissipating. The key to using Wasabi is freshness; did you know that Wasabi loses its heat within 15-20 minutes of it being used, if left uncovered? Due to its quickly-fading flavour, many pastes and powders actually do not contain any Wasabi at all, instead using horseradish in its place!

The traditional way to use Wasabi is by grating it using a sharkskin grater, or an ‘oroshi’. This is because its signature flavour is produced when cell walls inside the Rhizome are broken down during grating.

All parts of the Wasabi plant, from its stem to its leaves, are edible. Each part of the plant has the distinctive Wasabi flavour, however the strength of this pungent flavour varies considerably; the leaves, for example, are much milder in taste.

wasabi rhizome

Wasabi is part of the Cabbage Family

Wasabi is a member of the Brassicaceae family, which includes cabbage, horseradish and mustard. As it grows submerged in soil, the Rhizome is often mistaken for the root. However, this is not the case; it is actually the stem!

Nutritional Benefits

Wasabi has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits, as well as containing potassium, calcium and vitamin C. However, as we only eat a small amount at a time, we don’t receive a massive amount of nutrition from each portion.

wasabi rhizome

Shop Wasabi Rhizomes at Westlands UK

We take great care in the produce we grow here at Westlands, and pride ourselves on quality. You can shop our delicious Wasabi Rhizomes online here, or via our stockists – you can find your nearest here.