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5 of the Most Flavoursome Micro Leaves

Here at Westlands UK, we use innovative growing methods to ensure optimum flavour, texture and aesthetic appeal in all of our products. We have such a diverse range of produce, from unique Sea Herbs and Speciality Tomatoes, to beautiful Edible Flowers and Micro Leaves. Everything is grown here in the Vale of Evesham, and we pride ourselves on sustainable growing. We love seeing our fresh produce used by top chefs and bartenders across the country; it’s this that inspires us to continue innovating our ranges and growing Micro Leaves and Flowers of the highest quality.

Growing Micro Leaves at Westlands UK

Consisting of young, tender leaves harvested at the seed leaf or first true leaf stage; our Micro Leaf range is selected for quality, flavour and visual interest. From classic Micro Herbs such as Basil and Mint, to more unusual products like Micro Wasabi Rocket, you can experience a wide selection of textures, colours and tastes, from delicate and mild to strong and bold. Thanks to our glasshouses providing a safe environment, our Micro Leaves are grown all year round.

In this blog post, we share some of the boldest, most flavoursome Micro Leaves! To see our full online range, click here.

Micro Red Mustard

Not only is our Micro Red Mustard lovely and decorative, but it also packs a fiery punch! With a warming mustard kick, this Micro Leaf pairs great with cheese, honey, red meat, stir fries, salads and more. And that’s not all; Micro Red Mustard is actually a source of antioxidants and vitamin C, making it a great addition to a balanced diet.

As with all of our Micro Leaves, our Red Mustard is grown in recycled fabric offcuts, rather than soil. Not only does this provide a great home for the seeds, but it also saves fabric from going to waste. You can read more about our sustainable growing methods here.

Micro Rocket

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With a bold, nutty, peppery bite, our Micro Rocket certainly stands out from the crowd. Also known as Arugula, Roquette, and Eruca, this little leaf is often used alongside seafood, pasta and egg dishes. With love-heart shaped leaves, they look impressive as a garnish and taste slightly stronger than mature Rocket plants.

Micro Coriander

Earthy and spicy with hints of citrus, our Micro Coriander is an absolute staple ingredient used in many recipes such as chillies, curries, salads, seafood and more! Its versatility is what makes this leaf so popular and its flavour is unmistakable. Best suited to raw preparations, Micro Coriander is native to southern Europe and was one of the first Micro Leaves to be used by chefs in upscale restaurants!

Micro Lemon Balm

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When people first try our Micro Lemon Balm, they’re often surprised at how much flavour is packed into such a little leaf! Sweet and citrusy with a sherbet-like flavour, our Micro Lemon Balm is great as a garnish for desserts, cocktails and seafood. It’s also often used to infuse oils, teas and syrups, where its intense lemony flavour really shines through.

Micro Wasabi Rocket

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If you’ve ever tried Fresh Wasabi or paste, you’ll know that it has an intense, fiery kick that lights up the sinuses for a few seconds before dissipating. Despite not being related to Fresh Wasabi, Micro Wasabi Rocket has an initially spicy and fiery bite, reminiscent of Fresh Wasabi, followed by subtle, sweet and nutty undertones. It’s well suited to raw and cooked applications and tastes awesome in a range of savoury dishes such as salads, soups, sushi, seafood and stews.

You can view our full online range of Micro Leaves here, and even search by flavour profile. For more information on sustainability at Westlands, and how this impacts growing Micro Leaves and other produce, visit our sustainability page.

To view our full range, download our product list by clicking here.