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A British Grower’s Secret to Growing Micro Leaves and Edible Flowers Throughout the Winter Months

As British growers, we pride ourselves on delivering most of our fantastic range of micro leaves and edible flowers throughout the winter months, 365 days a year. The long, cold and often harsh winters we experience here in the UK don’t affect our growing processes. Our techniques allow us to continue supplying you with your favourite produce without compromising quality.

So… what’s the secret? Well, you may not know, but we grow our range of Micro Leaves, Edible Flowers, and speciality produce inside purpose-built glasshouses, with a lot of innovative tech to keep them fresh, healthy and growing naturally all year round. Read on to find out more as we dive into the process of how we grow our range of produce throughout the winter and deliver them fresh to your kitchen.

Growing micro leaves and edible flowers throughout the winter months:

As British growers, to grow our awesome (even if we say so ourselves) range of products throughout the winter months, we cultivate them inside specially designed glasshouses. These structures create a controlled environment that allows us to grow seasonal produce all year round. The glasshouses enable us to maintain an ideal temperature to nurture the plants and protect them from the harsh winter weather.

Using Specialist Mix of Nutrients and Fertilisers:

Growing Micro Leaves and Edible Flowers requires a precise blend of nutrients and fertilisers, which needs to be completely balanced. We mix nutrients in precise ratios to meet the specific needs of various plants. It’s taken years of perfecting, but we have the ultimate balance to help us grow healthy and strong plants. Giving our chefs the best ingredients to work with. And no… we’re not giving away those secrets!

Keeping the Produce Fresh Until it Arrives at Your Kitchen:

One of the key challenges of growing produce in winter is that it needs to be transported to the kitchens while maintaining excellent quality. The cold temperature outside can affect produce. However, we eliminate this problem by using insulated packaging and refrigerated trucks to make sure they stay fresh for longer.

Working with Chefs:

Working with chefs is one of the most enjoyable aspects of growing our range of Micro Leaves, Edible Flowers, Sea Herbs and other speciality produce. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the creative dishes that come from the ingredients we provide. We work closely with chefs to understand their needs and what produce they would like to work with. This close collaboration allows us to continue growing your favourite products throughout winter, without you having to compromise.

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