Unleashing Westlands UK’s Unique Sea Herbs

Plunge into the bold flavours of Westlands UK’s sea herbs! Transform your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary with these powerful ingredients. They’re the game-changing secret weapon in any modern kitchen. In this blog post, we’ll highlight four of our best-in-season products. Have a cheeky scroll to read more…

At Westlands UK we have a diverse range of edible sea vegetables and herbs which are cultivated, by us, for balanced saltiness, best eating quality, consistency and traceability. You’ll find us here in the Vale of Evesham, where we grow all of our awesome produce, which means that your ingredients will arrive fresh to your kitchen every time – no air miles, no fuss.

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Why Sea Herbs Are the Future of Modern Cuisine

Sea herbs are gaining popularity for their distinctive tastes. Our commitment to growing these herbs sustainably adds another layer of appeal, making them a must-have for anyone interested in innovative, eco-friendly food options. Find out more about our sustainable growing techniques here.

Take a Look at Some of our Most Popular Sea Herbs

Oyster Leaf 

“Tastes just like fresh, minerally, salted oysters”

Oyster leaves provide a crisp addition to dishes for a pop of colour, as well as its green, briny and earthy flavour. Available all year round, this leaf is the unstoppable MVP of versatility – toss it in salads, sneak it into sandwiches, or let it dazzle as a garnish in curries, soups, or sushi.

Feeling adventurous? Chop it into pastas, stir-fries, or anything else your heart desires! This leaf doesn’t just play in the game; it changes it.

Shop Oyster Leaf here.

oyster leaf sea herbs
Photo: Tom Bird

Sea Purslane

“Satisfyingly crunchy, salty and tangy tender leaves”

Sea Purslane is a salty leaf that’s ideal for a garnish. Naturally, a perfect combination with fish, due to its sea salt flavour.

But why stop there? This green gem also pairs great with pork belly, lamb, and makes a stellar garnish on butters, pickles, and even salsa verde!

Think you can come up with a new twist? Give it a go, and let us know – innovation never sleeps!

Shop Sea Purslane here.

sea purslane
Photo: Richard Schaapkens


“Crisp and succulent. Fresh, sublime salty bite.”

Did you know we’re one of the UK’s largest growers of Samphire? So, we know a thing or two about what it takes to produce this epic ingredient.

Samphire is the ultimate blend of sweet and salty, delivering a crisp crunch that elevates any dish. This adaptable sea veggie is a natural fit for seafood, amplifying the flavours of fish and shellfish with its innate saltiness. It’s also a game-changer for poultry and pork, adding a bold twist.

Samphire takes salads, stir-fries, and even pasta to the next level, packing in texture and a burst of oceanic flavour.

Shop British-grown Samphire here.

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Sea Aster

“Delicately sweet and salty, underlying creaminess”

Historically, Sea Aster has been used within soups and stews, with its sweet and salty taste an awesome addition.

But why stop there? This ingredient is pretty versatile. It works extremely well with many dishes, such as quiche, risotto, layered bakes, as well as an ideal fit for several fish dishes – particularly sushi rolls. 

Fresh Sea Aster is ideal for your spring, summer and autumn dishes. So, add it to your basket here.

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Other Sea Herbs Available

At Westlands UK, we have many other sea herbs available to buy, from Scurvy Grass to Ice Lettuce, Sea Rosemary to Sea Fingers. We’re sure that we offer something that suits all of your ‘taste of the sea’ needs! Check out the full range here