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Where it all began.

Taking inspiration from our Dutch heritage, Westlands’ namesake originates from a region in western Netherlands. Now, 80 years after our beginning in the Vale of Evesham, the same principles of personal care and product quality have been passed down from generation to generation. Now, our speciality produce is used in world-class kitchens and bars across the UK.

Along the way, we’ve cultivated our knowledge by working closely with forward-thinking and quality-focused chefs and foodservice companies. Our community inspires us every day to evolve and develop amazing tasting produce.

speciality produce
Photo: Carters of Moseley
speciality produce

As British growers, all of our ranges are grown right here in Evesham and, with our own unique mix of fertilisers and innovative growing methods, we are able to grow most of our speciality produce all year round, no matter the weather!

Delivering the best speciality produce.

It’s so important to us that every single product is delivered in the very freshest condition. That’s why, from pick, to pack, to plate, our produce is handled as little as possible and kept cool until it arrives at your kitchen.

Since our very beginning, we have been continually evolving our processes to offer new and exciting speciality produce. Now, we have sprouted into a company that uses the very latest growing techniques and cutting-edge technology, while still paying close attention to every leaf, plant and flower as they grow.

Innovative Ranges.

Not only do we grow an impressive range of Micro Leaves, Edible Flowers, Inspired Leaves and Speciality Tomatoes, but we also grow a fantastic range of Sea Herbs and Vegetables. Our ‘Taste of the Sea’ collection is grown in a controlled environment inside our glasshouses, using the latest 21st-century methods. We’ve even developed a unique mix of fertilisers, which have taken us years to perfect, for optimum growth! Check out our British-grown Samphire, Monk’s Beard, Sea Aster and more here.

speciality produce