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Growing Petite


Delicate, mild nutty greens 

Dishes with Growing Petite

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Crisp, cucumber tasting leaves 


Delicate, mild nutty greens 


Savoury with a slight nuttiness 

Kale, Scarlet

Greeny-blue with a purple hue; delicate peppery taste 

Marigold, Apple

Fancy leaf with appley-floral flavour 


Pretty, mild mustard green 

Mustard, Red Frills*

Handsome, deep red leaves; warming mustard kick 


Little, steely blue round leaves with a peppery-floral bite 

Pak Choi, Green

Round ‘lollipop’ leaf; gentle cabbage taste 

Pak Choi, Red

Red upper, green under; sweet, floral cabbage taste 

Pea Shoots, Tendril

Embellish, with a delicious fresh pea taste 

Shiso, Green (Perilla)

Flavourous & spicy; notes of anise & cinnamon 

Sorrel, Buckler

Crisp & juicy; lemony-apple bite 

Sorrel, Lemon (Green)

Mouthwatering, lemony sourness

Sunflower Shoots

Crunchy, green & nutty


Fresh, clean & green vegetal notes 

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