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Taste of the Sea

Sea Purslane

Mini spears of delicate, salty white shoots

Dishes with Taste of the Sea

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Ice Lettuce

Juicy, acidic & slightly salty; peppered with glacial crystals

Monk’s Beard (Agretti)

Salty & succulent; crisp, needle-like sprigs

Oyster Leaf

Tastes just like fresh salty oysters!

Oyster Leaf – Flowers

Beautiful blue, tangy tubular bells

Salty Fingers

Crisp & salty; pops in the mouth like a jelly bean

Samphire, Marsh (Salicornia)

Deliciously crisp & succulent; fresh, sublime salty bite

Samphire, Rock – Flowers (Sea Fennel)

Robust decorative umbels; spicy & intense

Samphire, Rock – Leaves (Sea Fennel)

Full of gusto; crunchy & punchy kerosene-like spiciness

Sea Aster

Delicately sweet & salty; underlying creaminess

Sea Beet

Rich & earthy, luscious salty leaves

Sea Buck’s Horn (Erba Stella)

Crunchy, sweet & mildly nutty

Sea Kale

Blanched, crisp white stalks & subtle saltiness

Sea Purslane

Mini spears of delicate, salty white shoots

Sea Rosemary (Suaeda)

Succulent sprigs with mildly bitter salty taste

Sea Spray (Suaeda)

Mild & tasty; soft luscious salty sprigs

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