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Inspired Leaves & Edible Flowers

Shiso Leaves, Purple (Perilla)

Rich purple, crinkly leaves; sweet spiciness of cinnamon & anise

Dishes with Inspired Leaves & Edible Flowers

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Slightly bitter spicy notes & celery-like taste

Apple Blossom (Begonia)

Succulent & juicy; crisp sour apple bite

Aztec Sweet herb

Honey sweet with slight camphor bitterness

Begonia, Bolivian – Flowers

Colourful & crisp, juicy & lemony-sour

Borage Flowers, Blue

Starry & bright, mild cucumber tasting blue blooms

Borage Flowers, White

Ghostly white version, same clean taste

Bronze Fennel

Feathery fronds with sweet anise flavour

Buzz Buttons

Electric tingling sensation on the tongue!

Cardamon Leaf

Intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance

Cheese Leaf

Soft velvety leaf, with a flavour just like stilton cheese!

Congo Cocktaoo Flowers (Impatiens)

Bizarre red & yellow beak-like blooms


Vibrant papery florets, lightly sweet & spicy

Courgette Flowers

Buttery yellow blooms & tender, baby fruit combo

Cucumber Flowers

Bright & fresh; gentle flower with mint cake

Dianthus Flowers

White, pink to purple; spicy clove-like taste

Edible Mixed Flowers

Season’s best blooms – colour visual & flavour appeal!

Fennel/Dill Crowns

Dainty yellow umbels with sweet anise flavour

Fuchsia Flowers

Bold & brazen; yet mild, lemony taste

Horseradish Shoots

Succulent crisp shoots with horseradish kick

Lavender Flowers

Strong, sweet, uplifting scent; in an assortment of colours

Lemon Verbena

Uplifting, sweet lemon zest flavour

Lime Leaves

Wonderfully perfumed, zesty hourglass leaf


Strong celery-like flavour, spice notes of anais and curry powder

Marigold, Apple

Eye-catching leaves with appetising appley floral flavour

Marigold, English – Flowers (Calendula)

Slightly spicy, tangy, peppery petals

Micro Melons (Cucamelon)

Little ‘watermelons’; refreshing cucumber crunch with slight lime sourness

Mint, Chocolate

Perfectly pungent, cooling sweet peppermint

Mint, Mojito

Cuba’s unique mint for cocktails

Mint, Strawberry

Sweet strawberry aroma embracing refreshing spearmint

Monkey Flowers (Mimulus)

Bold, bright & beautiful trumpets with a subtle nutty bite

Mushroom Plant

Special mushroomy tasty crisp leaves

Nasturtium Flowers

Perfect peppery petals & sweet nectar finish

Nasturtium Leaves, Alaska

Tender marbled leaves with hot, peppery tang

Nasturtium Leaves, Blue Pepe

Steely blue, fabulously peppery leaves

Nasturtium Leaves, Xl

Large peppery leaves for wrapping & infusing

Olive Herb

Delicate strand-like leaves; intense olive flavour

Pansy Flowers

Big & bold blooms with a slight, sweet grassy flavour

Pea Shoots, Golden

Crisp & clean, gentle fresh sweet pea flavour

Popcorn Shoots

Super sweet bite & slight grassy finish

Primrose Meadow Flowers

Subtle & slightly floral; in a broad range of colours

Rose, Fragrant English – Flowers

Beautiful blooms with flavours from red fruits to herbs to spices

Rose, Fragrant English – Petals

Highly perfumed petals; elegant colours & exquisite flavours

Salad Burnet

Clean & crisp, list cucumber flavour

Shiso Leaves, Green (Perilla)

Crimpled green leaves with hints of anise and cinnamon

Shiso Leaves, Purple (Perilla)

Rich purple, crinkly leaves; sweet spiciness of cinnamon & anise

Snapdragon Flowers

Vibrant & bright, fun flowers with neutral taste

Sorrel Flowers (Oxalis)

Delicate, fruity sour blooms

Sorrel, Lucky (Oxalis)

Deliciously tart, lemony quatrefoil

Sorrel, Red Butterfly (Oxalis)

Winged maroon leaves with sour lemon taste


Succulent & crisp; pepperly leaves

Sweet Cicely

Soft lacy leaves & amp; delicate sweet anise-like taste

Sweet Potato Leaves

Showy, tender camote tops

Tagete Flowers

Jolly little jewels of citrusy blooms

Viola Flowers

Slightly sweet & mildly perfumed, sprightly spectrum of colours

Wasabi Leaves

Fresh horseradish bite; hot but not too overpowering

Wood Sorrel, Burgundy (Oxalis)

Soft crimson leaves, tart taste

Wood Sorrel, Golden (Oxalis)

Aureate leaf blushed with scarlet

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