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Growing Cresses

Shiso, Purple (Perilla)

Complex notes of cinnamon, cumin & anise 

Dishes with Growing Cresses

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Basil, Green

Classic peppery flavour with a hint of clove

Basil, Lemon

Fragrant sweet lemon & uplifting spiciness

Basil, Thai

Delightful spicy, anise-like flavour


Succulent crunch with mild cucumber taste

Cabbage, Red

Sweet, mild earthiness


Bold, earthy & spicy; with hints of citrus

Garlic Chives

Spicy, garlicky onion sweetness

Greek Cress

Floral, peppery bite

Growing Mixed box (Sakura)*

6 varieties x 3 punnets. Our chef’s selection of growing cresses

Growing Mixed Cress Box

6 varieties x 3 punnets. Our introductory growing cresses collection

Kohl Rabi

Crisp, mild & sweet

Marigold, Apple

Taste notes of apple, anise & citrus 

Mustard, Green Frills*

Sweet, spicy & pungent

Mustard, Red Frills*

Starchy potato, then warming fiery kick

Pak Choi, Red

Sweet, mildly floral cabbage taste 


The popular fresh, green & clean tasting herb 

Pea Shoots, Tendril

Decorative with a delicious fresh pea flavour 

Radish, Daikon (Green)

Raw peppery bite with smooth creamy finish 

Radish, Purple (Red)

Slightly milder pepperiness but richly coloured 

Shiso, Purple (Perilla)

Complex notes of cinnamon, cumin & anise 


Complex nutty, mushroomy ‘umami’ taste 

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