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Tender Leaf

British grown year-round, this range offers speciality baby leaf salad for Chefs. Our Tender Leaf is produced using the latest soil-free hydroponic technology for optimal flavour and quality. Thisbaby leaf is delivered pesticide free and unwashed for exceptional freshness from harvest to plate.

* denotes may contain EU recognised

The Range

Butterhead Lettuce, Green

Deliciously sweet & delicate

Butterhead Lettuce, Red

Sweet, red leaves; tantalisingly tender


Mild, subtle bitterness & grassy notes

Foragers’ Mix

Bold but balanced selection of foraged style leaves

Kale, Scarlet

Greeny-blue with a purple hue; delicate peppery taste

Land Cress

Lobed green leaves with a spicy peppery taste

Mixed Lettuce Leaf

Crisp, crunchy & mild

Mustard, Red*

Crisp, colourful leaves with a warming bite

Petite Leaf Mix*

Colourful, exquisite little leaves

Sorrel, Red Vein

Lime-green leaves with striking red veins; hints of sour apple

Tender Mixed Kale

Young, crisp & tasty; decorative kales


Powerful, slightly bitter, astringent taste

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