UCFF 2019: We’re back again

At Westlands, we’ve been advocates of the Universal Cookery and Food Festival (UCFF) since day one and this year, we’re delighted to once again be headline sponsors. Westlands, we’ve been advocates of the Universal Cookery and Food Festival (UCFF) since day one and this year, we’re delighted to once again be headline sponsors.

There’s lots to look forward to this year, including the celebration of female chefs, talks on the elephant in the room (the big B), clay pigeon shooting and foraging tours with Farington Oils!

Ahead of the event this summer, we thought we’d reflect back on last year’s festival which was held at our very own nurseries in the Vale of Evesham. 

With so much going on, from demonstrations and talks to the BBQ competition, we’ve rounded up a few of 2018’s best bits to give you a feel of what’s to come…

Upon arrival, Santa Maria and their amazing food truck greeted attendees with their glorious herbs and spices, bringing flavours from around the world to the UK. With their #Pepperheadz on hand, they clued everyone up on spice, and how size really does matter… We can’t wait to catch up with them this year!

Gerry Ludwig opened up the main stage and shared his vast experience on which US trends people should be keeping an eye in case they cross over the pond. From Sweet Potatoes continuing to knock white potatoes off their thrones to ever popular Heirloom tomatoes. (Check out our speciality tomatoes here) he opened up the floor to discuss which trends might sink or swim.

Not only did the day’s activity highlight what great foods and products are on offer within the food industry, but we also had an equal insight into the beverage world.

Over at the Distillery Stage, Simon Weston from Pontoon cocktails and Glenn Evans, from Las Iguanas worked together and taught everyone how to make the perfect cocktail and the best food to pair it with.

Reminiscent of school days spent back in the science lab, Sue Purcell from Camden BRI ran us through the ‘Technology Behind the Taste’. From blindly sniffing smells, to testing our taste buds, Sue opened our eyes to the science behind our senses.

With the ‘Flying Visit Dirty Dozen BBQ competition’ to take place later in the day, lunch provided guests with a glimpse of what was to come; with a buffet created collaboratively by the competing teams (they were still on friendly terms at this point).

Dishes featured ingredients from some of the exhibitors, including Beef from Henson Meats, and Cheese from Barbers Farmhouse and Westlands produce of course, giving some inspiration to how our guests might use them whilst warming up their taste buds ready for the main competition.

There was something to cater for everyone, from meats, cheeses, AÇAI Bowls and our very own Westlands stall.

And not just limited to food, there was a fair share of food equipment companies showcasing their products with the likes of Control Induction and Rational UK.

Even our friends over at I.O.Shen Mastergrade Knives, were presenting their designs throughout the day – they produce our personalised Westlands knives for us so it’s always a pleasure to catch up.

Chapter Coffee Co. were hidden heroes on hand throughout the day providing samples of their unique coffee blends – all named after famous writers, they certainly helped to keep us fuelled up!

Catching on to the popular trend of non-alcoholic spirits, Luke Pearson and Tom Harfleet from Seedlip demonstrated how to make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails with three of their spirit blends. Our particular favourite was Spice 94, paired with ginger beer and garnished with Red Butterfly Sorrel. It was great to see how they used our Butterfly Sorrel to complement their flavours. Who’d of thought a non-alcoholic drink could be so good?! Word on the street is that Luke will be speaking this year too. We’d definitely recommend popping over to listen! 

Perhaps our highlight of the event, minus hosting all of our lovely guests, of course, was the ‘Flying Visit Dirty Dozen BBQ competition’. Rounding up the day’s events with some good old-fashioned rivalry, we saw four teams battle it out to produce the best BBQ pork dish with the Posh Boys securing first place.

Micro Leaf has a reputation of just being used on ‘Fine Dining’, so it was great to see how the chefs used it their street food BBQ dishes, giving a completely different perspective on how to use Micro Leaf.

And that just about sums up UCFF 2018! We thoroughly enjoyed tasting all the lovely food and drinks and listening to the inspiring talks, and can’t wait to do the same again this year and meet you all!

At Westlands, we thrive on the feedback we receive from all of you. This for us was what the day was all about. With this information, we can carry on doing and producing the very best of British products for our loved customers.

We hope you’re inspired to try a little something from Westlands in your next creation. 

If you need a little bit more inspiration, check out our ‘Inspire me’ page on our website.



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