On the Seashore

Sea coastal vegetables are not only delicious, but they’re also rich with minerals and vitamins. A delightful addition to saltmarsh lamb and seafood dishes; we explore our Taste of the Sea collection and how it can bring an unexpected twist to any plate. Associated with cuisines from across the world, sea coastal leaves and flowers are gaining popularity in Western culture, due in part to their unique flavours.

Enjoy goodness

The vast variety of sea coastal vegetables that we offer, each have their own individual set of qualities that make them superb. Easy-to-cook and a joy to eat, they’re a delightful ingredient to have in the kitchen and elevate dishes to the next level.

At Westlands, we grow a wide range of different sea coastal vegetables; some are seasonal and others are available throughout the year. Although we don’t pick favourites, there are some varieties that boost the appearance and flavour of the ingredients they are combined with and create full-bodied dishes.

Sea Beet

Now available all year round, sea beet is a perfect accompaniment to fish and meat. Its crisp, salty leaves are succulent in flavour and add heartiness to winter warmer recipes. A wild ancestor of chards and beetroot, this glossy leaf has a distinct pointed oval shape.

Sea beet can be blanched, steamed or sautéed to release its full flavour potential. Add to winter salads, creamy sauces or seasoned on its own for a rustically delicious meat dish.

Sea Purslane

With its thick green leaves that have an underlying grey tone, Sea Purslane has an appetizing salty ‘green’ taste. To add a subtle saltiness that pairs perfectly with lamb, or even other green herbs; eat it raw or gently blanched.

Sea Kale

This predecessor of the modern cabbage, is commonly found above high tide mark on shingle beaches. Sea kale is a blanched shoot which gives it a deliciously crisp, blanched ivory stalk.

Bringing with it subtle saltiness, these stems can provide a stark contrast to vibrant plates.

Making a delightful accompaniment to a wide range of meat and fish dishes, sea kale has its own distinct flavour. Described as a combination of white asparagus and celery; a subtle, almost nutty flavour with a slight salty sweetness. Serve lightly steamed, much like asparagus, with hollandaise sauce or just melted butter. It’s delicious eaten raw in salads; or simply pan-fried, roasted or blanched to partner a wide range meat and fish dishes. You’ll find them in season from now until April.

Westlands selected

Each of our collections are grown and harvested with the utmost care and attention to ensure the highest quality, flavour and freshness. At Westlands, we believe in the importance of British grown produce, it means that you can rest assured that each product is beautiful, full of flavour and its freshness is retained from seed to serving.


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