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Micro Leaf

Salad Micro Leaf Mix*

Our classic blend of flavourful & colourful micro leaf

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Amaranth, Red

Mild, earthy beet notes

Asian Inspired Micro Leaf Mix*

Decorative & flavoursome Asian type greens

Basil, Green

Classic peppery flavour with a hint of clove

Basil, Purple (Red)

Richly coloured with peppery fruity notes

Basil, Thai

Delightful spicy, anise-like flavour


Succulent crunch with mild cucumber taste


Crisp, raw broccoli taste

Cabbage, Red

Sweet, mild earthiness


Strong celery bite

Chard, Bull’s Blood (Ruby)

Bold, beautiful beet; red leaves tinged with green

Chard, Red

Mild & earthy taste; green leaf with scarlet midrib


Sweet, parsley-like taste & anise undertones


Bold, earthy & spicy; with hints of citrus


Bright & soft, sweet caraway-like taste


Fine & delicate, with gentle sweet anise taste

Garlic Chives

Spicy, garlicky onion sweetness

Greek Cress

Floral, peppery bite


Green, subtle peppery taste

Lemon Balm

Sweet & refreshing, zingy sherbet-like flavour


Celery-like flavour with spicy notes of anise & curry powder


Refreshing & cooling, sweet fresh flavour


Sweet, piquant mild mustard

Mustard, Green Frills*

Sweet, spicy & pungent

Mustard, Red Frills*

Starchy potato, then warming fiery kick

Pak Choi, Red

Sweet, mildly floral cabbage taste


The popular fresh, green & clean tasting herb

Pea Shoots, English

Crisp, stocky shoots; luscious fresh pea bite

Pea Shoots, Salad

Fresh & succulent, sweet podded pea flavour

Pea Shoots, Tendril

Decorative with a delicious fresh pea flavour

Radish, Pink Stem

Colourful, crunchy & peppery


Bold nutty, peppery bite

Rocket, Wasabi

Peppery rocket with a wasabi kick


Velvety, savoury & astringent

Salad Micro Leaf Mix*

Our classic blend of flavourful & colourful micro leaf

Shiso, Purple (Perilla)

Complex notes of cinnamon, cumin & anise

Sorrel, Lemon (Green)

Juicy, lemony sourness

Sorrel, Red Vein

Subtle bitterness & tingle of sour apples


Intense sweet anise-like flavour


Spicy & warming with notes of orange

Watercress, Baby

Classic peppery-spicy-floral young sprigs

Watercress, Micro

Fine & petite; delicate, spicy peppery notes

Watercress, Red

Radiant purplish-red hues & intense peppery taste

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