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Speciality Tomatoes

An enticing selection of different shapes and sizes, our range of Speciality, Classic and Heritage Tomatoes are British grown and full of flavour.

Example tomato types included as part of our Speciality Tomato Mixed Box, please note that we're unable to supply our Speciality Tomatoes as single varieties.

* denotes may contain EU recognised allergen

The Range

Brown Beefsteak

Rich coloured slicing tomato

Brown Cherry

Attractive, sweet, firm textured fruit

Coeur Der Boeuf Red Bell Shape

Gentle textured tomato for stuffing!

Electric Yellow Round

Amazing colour! Softer eating yellow round tomato

Green Tiger

Visually appealing, ripe & sweet when green. Brilliant for salsa

Green/Red Beefsteak

Great sliced — green for cooking or red for general use

Orange Maronde

Traditional large fruited French slicer

Orange Round

Orange fruit with an attractive red jelly

Pink Beef

Vibrant pink in a large beef tomato

Pink Plum

Very sweet, succulent tomato. Perfect for eating raw

Red Green Tiger

Attractive, fleshy fruit. Red with green stripes

Red Marmonde

Large French red slicing tomato

Red Yellow Roman Candle

Unique shape, interesting colour, versatile uses

San Marzano

Classic Italian cooking tomato. Full of flavour

Speciality Tomato Mixed Box

Example tomato types, available as part of our Speciality Tomato Mixed Box.

Tiger Cherry

Ideal BBQ cooking tomato. Deep red inside

Tiger Plum

Another one perfect for chargrilling on the BBQ

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