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Taste of the Sea

A diverse range of edible leaves and flowers grown for their unique taste and saline qualities. Our Coastal vegetables and sea herbs are cultivated by Westlands for balanced saltiness, best eating quality, consistency and traceability.

* denotes may contain EU recognised allergen

The Range

Ice Lettuce

Juicy, acidic & slightly salty; peppered with glacial crystals

Okahijiki (Land Seaweed)

Crisp & crunchy with delicate saltiness

Oyster Leaf

Tastes just like fresh salty oysters!

Oyster Leaf – Flowers

Beautiful blue, tangy tubular bells

Salty Fingers

Crisp & salty; pops in the mouth like a jelly bean

Samphire, Marsh (Salicornia)

Deliciously crisp & succulent; fresh, sublime salty bite

Samphire, Rock – Flowers (Sea Fennel)

Robust decorative umbels; spicy & intense

Samphire, Rock – Leaves (Sea Fennel)

Full of gusto; crunchy & punchy kerosene-like spiciness

Sea Aster

Delicately sweet & salty; underlying creaminess

Sea Beet

Rich & earthy, luscious salty leaves

Sea Buck’s Horn (Erba Stella)

Crunchy, sweet & mildly nutty

Sea Kale

Blanched, crisp white stalks & subtle saltiness

Sea Purslane

Mini spears of delicate, salty white shoots

Sea Rosemary (Suaeda)

Succulent sprigs with mildly bitter salty taste

Sea Spray (Suaeda)

Mild & tasty; soft luscious salty sprigs

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On the Seashore

Sea coastal vegetables are not only delicious, but they’re also rich with minerals and vitamins. A delightful addition to saltmarsh lamb and seafood dishes; we explore our Taste of the Sea collection and how it can bring an unexpected twist to any plate. Associated with cuisines from across the world, sea coastal leaves and flowers […]

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