Exploring Food Truck Flavours across the UK

There was a time when food trucks were merely greasy burger vans, and their ‘patch’ sat typically outside local football grounds or at local events. But, things have changed in an extraordinary way…

Food truck popularity has soared in recent years and these buzzing mobile kitchens are at the forefront of flavour innovations. With no fixed abode and a dynamic approach to the food industry, these outlets are capable of reacting quickly to trending tastes and buying behaviours. Street food vendors are able to test flavour combinations, delicious new dishes and ground-breaking menus at lightening speeds compared to traditional restaurants.

Consumers are savvier than ever and take a great interest in the history and cultural context behind their foodie choices – So, what can the UK food truck market share with the rest of us?

Well, here are a few trucks well worth tracking down when you’re out and about, along with some special insights about what makes them so unique.

Baked in Brick, Birmingham

Baked in Brick began 3 years ago with a hand-built wood-fired pizza oven and a shed at the bottom of Lee DeSanges’ garden. Inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients and a passion for spice, Lee’s dishes are based around live fire cooking. From Neapolitan styled rustic pizzas, to Smoked Carrot Steaks, Baked in Brick’s impressive menu can tickle all your taste-bud needs.

Alongside its soon-to-be opening restaurant, you can find Baked in Brick parked up every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Digbeth Dining Club. The multi-award winning dining-event has changed the face of the cities alternative food scene, partnering with a variety of cultural and art groups. Head down here to find a fantastic selection of street food, whilst you enjoy some local music and entertainment!


Veggies, Nottingham

Veggies is a volunteer-led and community-based social enterprise located in Nottingham. They provide delicious vegan catering and support campaigns for communities, animals and the environment. Veggies ensure a policy of minimal packaging and promote the use of recycled goods. They go far beyond just ‘veggie food’, as they investigate everything used in order to avoid animal products, those tested on animals and those resulting from human oppression. From spicy samosas to organic hemp burgers, fantastic food is being produced whilst the planet suffers minimal (if any) impact.

Luardos, London

With 10 years of successful operations under their belt already, this food truck has amassed quite a following.

Specialising in burritos, tacos, quesadillas, tortas and a whole host of canapés, they make everything fresh from their vans – ensuring their exciting menu is of the best quality. Before the cooking even starts, Luardos liaise closely with their suppliers guaranteeing the ingredients are of the highest standards for their Camden and Kings Cross customers.

Choux Stopper, Cambridge

When it comes to sweet treats, there are few businesses doing it as well as Choux Stopper. Specialising in tasty choux pastry buns, owner Simon, handcrafts every delicate element on the menu. The business started when Simon (a fan of street food) noticed there was distinct lack of creativity and choice when it came to desserts on-the-go. Driven by passion and a desire to produce mouth-watering desserts, Simon ensures all flavours are balanced and blended to the highest quality. This truck is definitely worth a visit – especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Bear’s Street Food, Yorkshire

This organisation is all about one thing, a memorable menu. Having witnessed food trucks at events push out high volumes of low-quality food, they decided to do it differently. With flame grills, wood fired kilns, and specialist slow-cook ovens, Bear’s is driven by quality ingredients and preparation. The food outlet is proving that the addition of wheels doesn’t subtract from flavour or excellence. Despite the rise of vegetarianism and veganism, there is still a place in this world for meat-eaters – and Bear’s is the place to indulge such dishes.

Habaneros Mexican Street food, Birmingham

Habaneros is a new food establishment, providing ethical, healthy and top-quality Mexican street food to the people of Birmingham. All of their regional delicacies are prepared with fresh, ethically sourced ingredients and are cooked from scratch every day. Their homemade sauces are cultivated straight from Mexican grown chillies and add a sensational kick to their menu. Not only this – they have also commercialised their infamous sauce collection so consumers can feature these fiery flavours in their dishes at home too.

What can this all teach us?

In today’s world, meals are more than just a range of food thrown together. They’re a story. Flavours, menus, and restaurants themselves create an overarching narrative which attracts guests to memorable tastes and senses.

Food trucks are continuously updating their menus with inventive dishes, full of stimulating flavours and top of the range ingredients – this is why the street food industry is so interesting and popular. The history, quality of the produce and the taste are all important factors to keep consumers coming back for more. So, if you want to create the best possible food and generate a delightful reaction from your diners, follow the steps of these food trucks – and start with the ingredients.

If these food trucks have inspired you, and you’re looking to revolutionise the taste and appearance of your dishes, find out how Westlands extraordinary range of Micro Leaves, Edible flowers, Taste of the Sea produce and Speciality Tomatoes can help! Get in touch with your distributor, or speak to us on 0330 0580 857, or email

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