Behind the scenes

Why choose Westlands UK’s British Speciality Tomatoes?

Westlands UK’s British Speciality Tomatoes – the perfect addition to any dish!

As a British speciality grower, we use the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology to grow our flavourful range of Speciality Tomatoes. We offer an enticing selection of different shaped and sized Tomatoes that are ideal for use at home or in restaurants. Have a read below to see why you should choose Westlands Speciality Tomatoes.

British Speciality Tomatoes

We Grow Quality Speciality Tomatoes

All of our produce is trusted to be of the highest quality. Whether it’s edible flowers, micro leaves or speciality tomatoes, you can rely on the best when you purchase from us. One reason for choosing our speciality tomatoes is that we can adjust the feed during the process to maximise taste. This occurs from continually measuring the ‘brix’ (or sweetness) level of the tomatoes which allows us to make sure we are growing the most delicious produce! To showcase the success of our process, did you know that our Baby Plum Tomatoes are sweeter than strawberries?

british speciality tomatoes

Lots of Variety

From San Marzano to Green Tiger, we have a wide variety of Tomatoes, all grown right here in Britain. Perfect for use in kitchens at home or in restaurants around the UK.

Our Tomatoes are available in Mixed Boxes, so you’re sure to benefit from a stunning variety.

Working with Nature

We introduce bees into our glasshouses, who pollinate the plants and help them to grow. This creates a completely natural process to ensure that our tomatoes are freshly produced to the highest quality and taste. We are members of LEAF Marque (Linking the Environment and Farming), an environmental assurance system, recognising more sustainably farmed products. Using an Integrated Crop Management strategy throughout our growing sites, we also introduce beneficial predatory insects and mites to help control pests.

british speciality tomatoes fresh

Our British Speciality Tomatoes are 100% Traceable

All of our Tomatoes are 100% traceable, so you know where your fresh produce is coming from. Accredited by Red Tractor, we work hard to maintain and exceed high expectations so that, when you choose us, you know you’re choosing the best.