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The Perks of Using Living Herbs in Your Kitchen

As chefs, we know that, for you, there is nothing like the taste of fresh, aromatic herbs to enhance any dish. But, have you ever considered taking it one step further and using living herbs? Not only do living herbs add an extra pop of flavour, but they also offer numerous benefits in terms of sustainability, convenience, and nutrition. So, let’s dive into the wonderful world of living herbs and discover how they can elevate your culinary creations.

Here at Westlands UK, we have a fantastic range of Living Herbs – simply cut what you need, when you need it! Our growing cress is developed in a clean, soil-free medium and supplied still growing in their punnets. From Borage to Toon and plenty of in-between, you’re sure to find what you need. Click here to browse our range online.

Sustainability: When it comes to the environment, every little action counts. By incorporating living herbs into your kitchen, you are not only reducing waste but also promoting sustainable practices. Unlike cut herbs, living herbs can be grown and maintained indoors, eliminating the need for transportation. Plus, once you’ve used up what you need, you can simply snip off what you need from the plant, allowing it to continuously grow and thrive.

Convenience: There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a recipe and realising you forgot to buy fresh herbs or running out unexpectedly mid-cooking. With living herbs, you’ll always have fresh options on-hand. All you need is a sunny windowsill or a small planter, and you can have year-round access to your favourite herbs.

Flavour: Of course, the most obvious benefit of using our Living Herbs is the flavour boost they bring to your dishes. The oils in herbs are at their peak when they are freshly cut, so using living herbs ensures you’re getting the strongest flavour. Plus, you can experiment with different varieties and combinations of herbs to create your own signature blends that really complement your dishes.

Westlands UK Living Leaves

From growing Tendril Pea Shoots, to Red Cabbage, Garlic Chives to Green Basil, we have a fantastic range of cresses. Not sure what to go for? Why not go for our Sakura Mixed Box – featuring six varieties of best-in-season growing leaves – a total of 16 punnets.

As well as this, we also grow a range of Living Petite Leaf, featuring the likes of Growing Apple Marigold, Wheatgrass, Sunflower Shoots, Mizuna and more. Deliciously tender and flavoursome, our petite range is grown in a soil-free medium to the desired size between micro and baby leaf greens.

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Incorporating living herbs into your culinary repertoire is not only a sustainable and convenient choice but also one that will elevate the flavours of your dishes. So, if you’re considering picking up a few punnets of your favourite herbs – visit our online range here and start reaping the benefits today. Happy cooking!