British Grown Bronze Fennel: Elevating Your Culinary Creations

When it comes to creating awesome dishes, the ingredients you choose can make all the difference. Fresher ingredients translate into bolder flavours, richer colours, and an overall superior dining experience. That’s why chefs around the UK are turning to unique, high-quality produce to set their dishes apart. Our British Grown Bronze Fennel stands as one such ingredient that promises to elevate your creations to the next level.

A Revelation in Flavour and Aroma

Bronze Fennel, a descendant of the common fennel plant, offers a distinctive profile characterised by a sweet anise-forward taste and a subtle spicy undertone. Unlike its greener cousins, it boasts a strong liquorice aroma with a slightly nuttier finish. This complexity makes it a versatile option for chefs looking to add a unique flair to their dishes. Here at Westlands UK, we are renowned for nurturing this herb, like all of our produce, to its full potential, ensuring that each leaf brims with quality flavour that’s essential for innovative cooking.

Versatility in the Kitchen

This culinary powerhouse is not just about adding a punch of flavour; it also delivers a visual spectacle with its deep bronze-coloured, feathery leaves that can enliven any plating. Chefs can creatively employ Bronze Fennel within a range of dishes, from seafood to game meats. Here are some inspired uses to spark your imagination:


  • Scallops with Bronze Fennel: Gently seared scallops, when adorned with the subtle fronds of bronze fennel, can turn into a dish unmatched in its sophistication.
  • Herb-Roasted Lamb with Fennel Fronds: Add a layer of depth to lamb roast with a generous sprinkling of chopped fennel fronds, enhancing the savoury notes with a hint of sweetness.


  • Fennel Meringues: Topping meringues with our Bronze Fennel can create an unexpected delight with a subtle aniseed aftertaste.
  • Ice Cream with a Fennel Garnish: A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with Bronze Fennel can offer a refreshing end to a delicious meal.
bronze fennel

Sustaining the Earth, Savouring the Local

Here at Westlands UK, we prioritise ethical practices, growing our produce in an environmentally conscious way. By sourcing your Bronze Fennel locally from growers like us, you’re supporting a greener planet.

Our commitment to eco-friendly growing methods means that each leaf, flower, and plant not only tastes fresher but also carries a story of sustainability. From the reduction of food miles to eco-packaging, every effort ensures that nature thrives alongside the culinary arts.

The Westlands UK Promise

Westlands UK’s stringent quality control means that only the best, freshest produce reaches your kitchen. The unparalleled taste and vibrant presence of Bronze Fennel make it an essential addition for any chef looking to impress.

bronze fennel