Behind the scenes

Why Choose Westlands UK’s British Grown Edible Flowers

Searching for the freshest, most awesome British-grown Edible Flowers? Look no further! In this post, we’re diving into the super fresh benefits of using Westlands UK’s British-grown edible flowers to jazz up your dishes. Yes please!

british grown edible flowers
Apple Blossom

Hey, Meet Westlands UK!

Westlands UK is all about taking the art of growing edible flowers for the foodie scene to a whole new level. Our blooms aren’t just an addition to the garden; they’re a fusion of top-notch gardening and culinary magic.

Our secret sauce? Picking the best seeds, utilising the latest technology, and keeping it all in just the right environment – our specially designed glasshouses. Each flower is picked when it’s perfect, making sure your dishes look and taste amazing. Plus, with a rainbow of colours, flavours, and textures, your menu is going to be as vibrant as a summer garden!

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword at Westlands UK; it’s our jam. We’re all about saving water and growing in a way that hugs the planet, helping you cook up a storm while keeping things green. You can read more about our sustainable efforts here.

british grown edible flowers

Big Up British Blooms!

Placing some Westlands UK flowers on your dishes does more than just make them pretty. It’s a high-five to British farmers, it cuts down on food miles, and brings that farm-to-fork goodness diners are craving. Say goodbye to imported stuff, burdened by higher costs and inferior quality, and introduce incredible, fresh flowers.

Getting Your Hands on These Beauties

Wondering how to snag these blooms? We’ve got your back with an order process smoother than a Michelin-starred puree. Check out our range online, where you can get free delivery when you order over £30. Delivery is fast enough to keep everything super fresh and our insulated packaging is pretty neat too, making sure the flowers reach you as stunning as they were when they were first picked. Plus, our punnets are 100% recyclable, meaning you can shop with the environment in mind.

Or shop via your nearest stockist – you can find yours here.

british grown edible flowers

In a Nutshell

Westlands UK is your go-to for the finest British-grown edible flowers, elevating not just the look and taste of your dishes but tying your culinary art to a story of environmental love and local pride.

Dive into the world Westlands UK offers. From the dainty pansies to the bold marigolds, every flower opens the door to an explosion of flavours and colours. It’s not just buying flowers; it’s embracing a piece of British culinary heritage that will set your dishes apart.

So, take the leap, get creative, and don’t forget to share your masterpieces on Instagram tagging @westlandsuk. Your guests (and the planet) will be all the better for it – petal by petal.

british grown edible flowers