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Sea Beet: The Ultimate Seafood Dish Garnish!

If you’re on the hunt for fresh and unusual greens to incorporate into your seafood dishes, then why not try our Sea Beet? This awesome Sea Herb is a relative of the beet family that naturally grows along coastlines. It has a robust and earthy flavour that deserves to be showcased in all kinds of dishes. Let’s dive in and learn more about Sea Beet and some tasty ways to use it!

Sea Beet at Westlands UK

Our ‘Taste of the Sea’ range of Sea Veg and Herbs are all grown in our glasshouses in the Vale of Evesham. You may be wondering how we manage to grow coastal herbs nowhere near the coast… and that’s a valid question! However, after years of perfecting it, we use a carefully crafted mix of nutrients, replicating the salinity of the waters these plants are used to. We continually monitor their feed, adjusting whenever needed, to ensure optimum quality, taste and aesthetic appeal.

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Sea Beat’s Flavour

Sea Beet has a slightly bitter flavour, similar to that of Swiss Chard. It also has a slightly salty taste, which comes from the salinity of the water in which it grows. The leaves are large and can be used in place of spinach, and the stems have a tender crunchy texture – similar to asparagus.

How to use Sea Beet

One of the most common ways to use sea beet is to sauté it in olive oil with garlic and lemon for a quick and easy side dish. But if you’re looking to get a little more creative, there are plenty of options. Try adding sea beet leaves to a quiche or frittata for a pop of colour and flavour. You can even use it as a substitute for basil in your favourite pesto recipe. For a delicious and healthful soup, combine it with potatoes, leeks, and chicken broth.

Another innovative use for sea beet is to incorporate it into a smoothie. It may seem like an odd choice, but trust us when we say that the earthy flavour actually pairs quite well with sweet fruits like bananas and mangoes! Throw a handful of leaves into your blender along with your fruit of choice, some yoghurt, and a splash of almond milk for a refreshing and nutritious breakfast.

Sea beet is an ingredient that every chef should have in their arsenal. It’s unique, flavourful, and incredibly good for you. Whether you’re keeping it simple by sautéing it with garlic or getting creative with smoothies, there’s no question that this green is a winner. Give it a try in your next recipe and see just how tasty and versatile it can be!

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